Corporate Services

We provide vary from project to project since all projects are different. We can work with you during all or part of your needs with small promotional videos, training videos or full on commercials.


Pre Production

Includes researching, scripting and storyboards are done at this point. We will work together to plan the whole project out fro a clean and smooth operation.

Field Production

This is the time spent on filming on location or in a studio. Depending on the project, the crew can range form a small 2 person crew to a full crew including the producer, director, DP, multiple camera operators and audio techs as needed. The time for field production can be a few hours to weeks depending ont he job.

Post Production

This begins after we have captured all of the video and audio. Color and audio correction will be made to the appropriate selected scenes. The editor and director will work together with the pre production plans as well as our clients to create the final project.