Elevating Love Stories: Luxury Wedding Films

Welcome to Pierce Motions, where we craft cinematic masterpieces that immortalize your love story in unparalleled elegance. Our luxury wedding films redefine visual storytelling, capturing the essence of your special day with grace, sophistication, and an unwavering commitment to artistry.

Step into a world where your love takes center stage. Our luxury wedding films go beyond mere documentation; they encapsulate the emotions, the passion, and the intricate moments that define your union. From the gentle exchange of vows to the euphoric celebration, we intricately weave together each scene into a breathtaking narrative that resonates for generations.

The epitome of simplicity and luxury combined. 1 package has it all! Making your day that much easier!

Unlimited all day coverage, Highlight video, Documentary edit and raw footage at just $7,999

Limited days available. We only book up to 15 wedding a year to give our clients the best experience possible.